How to call australia from new zealand?

Im trying to ring australia from new zealand.

Lets say the number is


What number would i ring?

Thanks in advance

Do i put the 1 in or not?

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  • It depends on whether you’re calling a mobile or a landline.

    All Australian mobile numbers begin with 04 and then another 8 digits. Call 00 (or + if you’re calling from a mobile); then 61 which is Australia’s country code; then the number without the leading zero i.e. 00 (or +) 61 4XXXXXXXX

    If you’re calling a landline, you’ll need an area code which will be 02, 03, 07, 08 or 09 depending on their state, but you don’t enter the leading zero. The phone number will be 8 digits long. Call 00 (or + from a mobile; then 61; then the area code without the zero; then the 8 digit phone number i.e. 00 (or +) 61 2 (or 3 or 7 or 8 or 9) XXXXXXXX

    Sorry not to use your example, but it’s nothing like any Australian phone number. No Australian number would ever have a 1 anywhere near the beginning of the number and the only place you will ever find a 1 in an Australian number is as one or more of the final 7 digits. 1 is the USA calling code.

  • 1

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  • 00 – 61 – 125 – 564 -744

    I think. You might have to dial:

    00 – 61 – 1 -125 -564 -744

    But I think it’s the top one.

  • first dial 0061,then your number

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