how to check company registered in Gibraltar?

how to check company registered in Gibraltar

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  • To check basic details (e.g. is it registered? who are directors, secretary) and also see filled accounts (if applicable, some very small firms don't need to file accounts publicly) you would need to contact Companies House, they are the official keeper and reference point for such information:

    If the company is also engaging (or claiming to engage) in a further regulated activity, you might also/alternativly want to contact the regulator of that activity.

    Some popular regulators would be:

    The Financial Services Commission, (banking, investment, financial services activity):

    The Gibraltar Regultory Authority (gambling, also telecomunications and data protection):

    Some other areas also have dedicated regultory bodies, or are just governed by legislation and regulated by government departments, agencies, etc.

  • Companies House Gibraltar

  • Gibraltar Companies House

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  • Another alternative for finding information about a company registered in Gibraltar is to use the service of a business information company, so you can perform company searches online (without signing up), view the list of available filings and download documents directly.

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