how to conduct a free asset search?

My Office Manager of 15 years embezzled my life savings. I have a judgement against her but she says she has no money. I am pretty sure she does. How can I do a free search. Have 0 money.

Thank you

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  • Free? Be resourceful and use the internet to do some research. Government/Courts have public records access available online. Start there and see if she owns any property. Or just visit your courthouse. Learn where she works. The problem with judgments is always the collecting. Consider that she may really not have the money.

  • How To Conduct A Free Asset Search?

  • Asset Search Service

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  • You can't obviously! Why would you think such a thing exists? Who thinks there is a free database that anyone can access and get the bank account info of any other person?? That's just ridiculous! You need a court order JUST to even have a bank speak to you about someone else's account.

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