How to cook frozen hotdogs in the microwave?

How? how long? pierced??

6 Answers

  • wrap the frozen dog in a paper towel and nuke it on high until you hear the skin pop ( about 20/25 seconds in a 1100 W microwave for "natural casing " dogs ) . Don't pierce . Hotdogs are completely cooked so all you're doing is heating them. We don't eat other types of dogs , like Ball Park, so I can only talk about natural casing but 15/25 seconds should do it for all types of dogs . You can thaw and steam the rolls in the same way . Wrap one frozen roll in a paper towel and heat on high for 12 / 15 seconds .

    Just remember that all microwaves are not the same so you may have to experiment a little with the time but it wont vary by more than a few seconds.

  • Microwave Hotdogs You will need: 1:Frozen Hotdogs. 2:Plastic cup (large/tall). 3:Plastic wrap. 1:Drop your hotdog(s) into the cup and completely submerge in water. 2:Cover the top with plastic wrap. 3:Cook on high for 2 minutes 22 seconds (for one). If you add additional hotdogs then follow this simple formula. 1 = 2:22 minutes 2 = 3:33 minutes 3 = 4:44 minutes 4 = 5:55 minutes 5 = I have not tried over 4 and have seen the formula for 4 boil the water over the top. You may need a larger cup for numbers over 4 to prevent that phenomenon. The plastic wrap is key to keeping parts of the dogs from getting dried out. Remember that anything you cover with plastic will be extremely hot when you take the wrap off. The steam could burn you, proceed with caution. My oven has 900w output and a turn table

  • You can simply microwave the hot dog on a plate covered with plastic wrap for about one minute depending on the voltage of your microwave and such. Piercing a hole in the top is a good idea so they don't swell up and split open during the heating process. This is a simple, easy way to prepare hot dogs in little time.

  • First run hot water over them for about ten seconds,or put them in a bowl of hot water to defrost a minute or two.

    Cook them in water,about an inch or two deep.When the dogs start to change color on the ends take them out and let them sit for a minute.If they need more time then cook them on a lower power level so you do not make them rubbery.

  • at the fish and chip shop we used to just put them in a oblong shaped container with a bit of water and microwave them for 1-2 mins i think. there already cooked and packed full of нᴀʀᴅcoʀᴇ preservatiives so you just need to make them hot. you dont need to peirce them as they take such a short time to heat

  • first use the thaw button on micro. it only takes a few seconds. then cook for desired length of time.

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