How to get motivated to clean your room?

im really lazy and i just dont feel like cleaning my room but i have to. How do i get motivated to clean it?

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  • Start small and work your way outward. One of my favorite ways to get cleaning is to simply put on some fun music and do something that goes with it. Dusting, sweeping, bed making, folding clothes, etc. Also, I like to talk on the phone and do something like organize my jewelry. I take whats on my dresser and put it away while I am yakking it up. I dust off the dresser, fold clothes, put them away, hang them up, all while talking on the phone. Sometimes when I really can’t seem to get into it, but it HAS to be done, I will simply take my kitchen timer, set it for like 15 minutes and just do whatever I can do in 15 minutes. Then go read a book, watch tv, or whatever for like maybe 30 minutes, then back to the timer and another 15 minutes of doing something in my room. Believe me, do this a couple of times, and you don’t feel like to took much effort at all. When the timer goes off, you are done, for now. Go do something fun, eat a cookie, walk the dogs, etc. Then another 15 minutes of cleaning. One thing to do before you get started is to make sure you have all your supplies present. Nothing is worse than having to spend an hour looking for a duster, a scrub brush, a broom, a mop, the vacuum cleaner. I like to have little kits for doing stuff. It contains a little swiffer duster, a plastic spray bottle of disinfectant, a plastic spray bottle of vinegar, some micro fiber cloths, etc. When done, I trot the cloths off to the laundry, and replace them immediately with fresh ones, put the kit up and there it is ready for my next time. Having your cleaning supplies to go when you have your 15 minutes to do something helps alot to not waste time and to git er done. If you do this in short bursts, it doesn’t seem so hard, so boring and if you can get things to a neat point, you might find that doing 15 in a day is enough to keep your room tidy all the time. I started out with my house floor to ceiling filled with boxes, rooms a mess and just general disorganized mess. I used the 15 minute timer to take care of a box at a time, clean out a drawer, put items in their correct place, clean, sweep, mop and so. It took me 6 months to bring order to what looked like a hoarders nightmare to a neat and orderly place that now takes a few minutes each day to keep tidy and neat. Once a week, I devote an hour to cleaning something more seriously, once a month, I spend 2-4 hours cleaning the basement, the laundry room, sorting holiday gear, organizing something I have been meaning to do, or putting some other system into place that will now take 15 minutes to maintain. But for the most part, the house runs pretty good now, with just 15 minutes of effort daily. In 15 minutes now, I can load or unload the dishwasher, put a load of clothes in the washer, fold a load, put away the items, sweep a floor, mop a floor, wipe a counter and take out the trash. So one day it might be I sweep and mop the bathroom floor, take up the mats, put them in the laundry basket with my clothes from the day before, make my bed, run the dirty clothes into the laundry room, sort them, put a load in, take a load out, fold it. Put the morning dishes in the dishwasher, wipe the kitchen counters down and put the clothes away. Done. Next day, wipe the bathroom counters, spritz the shower with disinfectant, swish the toilet with cleaner, make my bed, dust a dresser, sweep the kitchen floor and mop, sort the laundry and empty the dishwasher. Done. Next day, vacuum the carpets, dust the living room, put a load of laundry in, make my bed, put dishes in the dishwasher, put away some groceries in the pantry, and put the stuff in the recycling. Done. And so on. Sound slike a lot, but I can breeze through in a few minutes and tidy as I go now. But to get here, took time and some effort, but all in all, much easier than if I just went at it and went at it and wore myself out and overwhelmed myself. It also allowed me to see where trouble spots were, and to get more organized when and where I needed to. Hopefully, you can do this too. I think it was the easiest of all the plans I had seen. So good luck! hope this helps you out!

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    How to get motivated to clean your room?

    im really lazy and i just dont feel like cleaning my room but i have to. How do i get motivated to clean it?

  • Just think of it this way.. when you are an adult.. and you have your own place to live.. you should know how to keep it clean, no one wants to come over to you house when you are a total slob. My boyfriend and I have the same problem, we live with his parents still and have 2 rooms (we’re only 19) and we find it hard to keep the rooms clean, but we try to clean things as soon as they are lying around, because you never know when someone might want to come in.. and it’s kind of embarrassing sometimes.

  • 1. Invite Someone Over To Your Home

    How It Helps

    Inviting someone to come over to your home, can be a great motivator to get things clean. Knowing that someone will be showing up at your home can give you a deadline to get things done. Suddenly you begin to look at your home as a guest might, and the undone tasks stand out waiting to be accomplished.

    How It Might Backfire

    If you invite someone to come over and don’t give yourself enough time to accomplish the things you need to do, you can end up with an embarrassing situation. Make sure your deadline for yourself is realistic.

    2. Try a New Cleaning Product

    How It Helps

    Trying a new product or cleaning gadget can be a lot of fun. Instead of looking at a chore as work, it can seem like an opportunity to discover a new tool that lightens your load. The next time you’ve got a job you are procrastinating, search for a new product that might help you get it done.

    How It Might Backfire

    Although cleaning gadgets are fun and interesting, make sure you get rid of products or gadgets that don’t perform the way you want them to. A cleaning pantry can quickly be filled with unwanted items that create clutter and prevent the useful tools from being easily accessed.

    3. Try a New Scent

    How It Helps

    If you don’t want to try an entirely new product, try a new scent. Scent makes a big difference in our mood and attitude. Try a new one and you may find yourself more excited and motivated to accomplish your chores.

    How It Might Backfire

    Watch out that you don’t combine too many different scents. Scents can sometimes trigger irritation from guests and family members. Combining too many different kinds increases the chances that someone may react badly to one, or the combination of several in your home. Change scents slowly to find the right one for your family.

    4. Clean Out Some Clutter

    How it Helps

    Even if you find only a small space or area to rid of clutter, the feeling of watching unwanted items being removed from your home is invigorating and freeing. Even cleaning out a small area can help you get motivated to tackle bigger projects. Use the 4 container method for projects large and small.

    How It Could Backfire

    Make sure that you limit yourself to a contained area or section of your home at one time. Trying to clear clutter from your entire home in one sitting is liable to be a big job and leave your home messier than when you began. Start in one room, or section of a room and get it clutter free and put back together before you begin a new project. Your motivation will keep you going, and it will be easier to leave off in the middle of a project and pick it back up later.

    5. Rearrange a Room

    How It Helps

    Rearranging a room is a great way to create a fresh perspective and motivate yourself to clean and organize. Do a 15 Minute Cleanup in the room before you begin. Rearrange the furniture, rugs, artwork, and decorative items. Changing up a room often gives you more motivation to keep it clean and uncluttered. Seeing the results can often let your cleanliness spill over into other rooms of your home.

    How It Can Backfire

    Don’t be fooled. To really get a fresh perspective by rearranging items, you’ll need to do some cleaning. You’ll be surprised what moving furniture around can lead you to find. If rearranging seems like too big a job, consider switching out just a few components of the room. You’ll be surprised what just a small amount of changes can motivate you to do.

  • get an mp3 player and play some good music, makes cleaning a lot better

  • but some new things for your room. ie: bed spread, new throw pillows…pictures to hang or new c andles. It will make you want to clean it to enjoy the new stuff. When I dont want to I invite a friend over and have them help…team work is fun and its faster. 🙂 goood luck

  • invite a friend, then you have to cuz they are comin

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