how to get to karamja in runescape?

i want to fish for tuna but i cant figure out how to get to karamja....can u please help me..!!!

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  • sure,

    all you have to do this got to port sarim and keep going south until you see these people in blue dresses. they will be called seaman lorris etc. talk to them and give them 30 coins and ull be taken to karmja.. hope i helped 🙂

  • Go to Port Sarim south of Falador and Talk to Seaman Lorris or one of the other sailors who have the 'Pay-fare' option. Then pay them 30gp and board the ship. Then head to the banana plantation and head north. there you will find a load of people fishing. Just take your Lobster Pot with you!

  • Karamja Map

  • If you are a free to play player : Go to Port Sarim (the docks) and speak to a sailor,(he/she is in a blue uniform), and you must pay 30 gp inorder to get there.

    If you are a pay to play player: You can do the same thing, or go to ardougne, go east of the north bank, there will be a sailer, speak to him, and you will end up in Brimhaven, which is in Karamja.

  • Go to Port Sarim (Look on the world map if you can't find it) and talk to a blue sailor (I think) and he'll take you to port sarim.

    not so sure though, havent played the game for months.

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