How to Go to SM north Edsa from UP diliman?

I already know how to go from SM north Edsa to UP diliman, but not vice versa. Any help please?

5 Answers

  • You simply ride the SM North jeep that passes through UP diliman, it will stop at the SM terminal. The SM jeep goes from the right side of the oval (facing oble) to the shopping center (through the road between the college of law and school of economics), then back to the oval passing through the road between the tennis court and college of engineering, exiting the campus at the left side of the oval... This is the usual route

  • If you want the easy way out try getting a taxi cab but if you want to become like Dora the explorer try doing these steps;

    Step 1: Dress up like Dora

    Step 2: Make your voice sounds like Dora's

    Step 3: Invite all of your friends except "swiper" but if you're in a good mood invite him to come with you pesky little rascals

    Step 4: Don't forget to bring your backpack and some bananas with you, your trip from SM to UP will be long and difficult

    Step 5: Wait until there's a taxi cab that goes to your way

    Step 6: What are you standing there you silly! Take the cab!

    Step 7: Tell the driver to drop you off in UP Diliman

    Step 8: If you wanna hell of a ride tell the taxi driver to take you to heaven or hell or whatever maybe Mars will do.

  • there are jeepneys going to UP Diliman who stationed in front of the Block SM North Edsa. You can choose an FX or jeepney.

  • Take a jeep then ask the driver, Im sure he'll help you.

  • Use your legs

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