How to install a spiral vent on a boiler?

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  • I installed mine on the suction side (cool return) of the circulation pump. There was a high point and it seemed like it air-locked there. After putting it in, no more gurgling baseboard registers. It worked better than I expected. I advise hiring an experienced professional boiler person or master plumber to evaluate your heating system, determine the proper size vent and the best place to install the vent. Have the pro install the vent. This is not a diy job for someone with minimal plumbing skills and no boiler experience. Improper installation could result in costly damage and unsafe boiler operation. Having it done properly by a professional should result in a quiet system, less internal corrosion, and improved sleeping because you aren’t lying awake wondering if you did it right or not.

  • Spiral Vent

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    How to install a spiral vent on a boiler?

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