How to light a vulcan wall heater pilot light?

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  • The plumber is right on. if that doesn't work, the pilot may be stopped up with dust. this is very common on the new pilots these days. try using a straw or tube to blow backwards thru the pilot tube before you light the pilot. this will usually clear the dust and allow the pilot to light.

    If you cannot get it to light using the ignitor, you can use a match while holding the pilot control button down if you can reach the pilot.

  • Vulcan Heaters

  • Vulcan Gas Heater Manual

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    Move the control valve knob to PILOT and mash it in and light it. Keep a holdin down on it till it stays lit by itself with out mashing the button. Next turn the same knob to the ON position this makes the heater come on. Set the other knob to high so the main flame appears. This unit DOES have a thermostat or it would not have a knob for warm through high. Tip: use a propane torch to light a pilot that has been sitting up for a while. This helps speed up the process. Here is how it works: the knob is in the off position. no pilot and no burner flame present,moving the knob to PILOT allows you to light the Pilot light. When you mash on the pilot you are opening the main gas valve safety feature for operation. You light the pilot and it burns over the tip of a thermocouple. This thermocouple is made up of two opposing metals (copper and nickle) when it gets heated by a flame it produces electrical current which holds down an electro magnet. As long as the flame is there the gas will come out but if the flame is not there then the magnet will not hold and the spring loaded valve will shut off the flow of gas,preventing the raw gas from entering the home.After sucessfully lighting the pilot assembly,you next open the manual part of the valve to the ON position and the flame lights producing heat. On your model when the room gets warm the thermostat shut down the main gas on yet another portion of that same gas valve using mercury gas bulb just like an oven when the temp gets just right the bulb forces the gas flow to shut down till the bulb gets cold and then it opens and allows for more gas to ignite and heat some more. confused yet? haha! what can go wrong on these? Mostly it is a cheap part called the thermocouple or it just is stubborn and needs to be lit with a torch as mentioned above.

  • Set thermostat to 0. Hold pilot button down and click igniter. Hold pilot button down an additional 15 to 30 seconds and release. Here's a link to the Vulcan manual.

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