How to make a mini zapper for slot machines?

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  • You need an electric gas lighter - the ones where you push the button to make a spark. You then need to take it apart so it is really small, and just the sparking part with the button. Then tape it up so it works but so you can still hold it in your hand. Test it on your hand, you should get a shock. If it does shock, then it works.

    Most casino slots now pay out tickets, not coins, so it won't work on those. Also ones that have been earthed properly, it won't work on. Also it is illegal.

  • Slot Machine Zapper

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    The odds of winning on these things are a little better than some of the other games offered... My friend always has a gimick to finding the right slot machine. Walk into the slot room, and glance around. Whatever machine catches your eye is the one you should play. Conspiracy theorists say that you should play the slots that are located in areas that are most travelled by gamers. Because as people walk by they see people winning at the slots and want to play themselves. Don't know - I'm a black jack player and craps player myself.

  • If you're going to play, and it goes for any type of gambling, have a budget and stick to it! When you're done, you are DONE! Leave and live to gamble another day. Now, when you play any slot machine, you play max credits. The idea is that you'll make more money should a bonus come up. You'll spend more but, MIGHT get more in return. On video slots that can get pricey. Play the max amount of lines and lowest amount per line. That increases you play time and the odds aren't that much different. If you're gutsy, go ahead and play the maximum amount and hope you hit a bonus or watch your money get flushed away! Good luck.

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  • What is a mini zapper?

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