How to make a ‘my face’ page for tumblr?

Okay, so I've gone to customize, and add page, and did all that stuff that people have been telling me to do. But when I click on the link on my page, It says that the URL cannot be found. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I would really like to get one. Please help, thanks.

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  • I had this exact problem yesterday and someone helped me out ..

    so you go to 'customize'

    then 'pages'

    then to 'add a page'

    it then opens up a page and the first thing on it is 'Page url' it'll be your page url and what you have to do is add 'my face' onto the end so e.g mine is > (make sure not to put spaces in your url wont work)

    next thing is 'page layout' : Redirect

    Redirect to : so mines is 'tagged/hannah' basically any photo I want to appear on 'my face' I tag with 'hannah' ! so basically you could have 'tagged/me' or something..but youd have to tag every photo you wanted to show in 'my face' with me ? if that makes sense :L

    then click 'show link to my page'

    and I hope thats no too confusing..I have trouble writing thingys simply haha .. but I hope I helped :')

    it worked perfect for me anyways

    could you check out my tumblr > ?


  • It has done that to me before, it's a glitch. Just kind of leave Tumblr alone for a while 🙂 xx

  • Did you make the link yourself? If you did, and you put a link in your description, you can only put /myface (or whatever you called that page) . You can't do the whole URL.

  • I know what you mean, but I'm not sure how to solve the problem. What is your url ?

    please follow, sorry I couldn't help !

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