How to make ceramic slip?

My ceramics teacher taught us how to make slip by using dry clay + water, but atm i don’t have dry clay … so i was wondering if anyone knows how to make slip another way? or an easy way to dry out clay quickly 🙂 I don’t know what kind of clay i’m using (I’m a newbie) but it seems standard clay….

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  • If you want enough slip for slip casting – Do you have a blender?

    I have taken clay out of the bag _ I buy boxes of moist clay in 50 pound boxes.

    Start with water have the blender running and add 1 inch cubes till it gets to the desired consistency

    Here is an article on How to Transform Your Clay Body into a Casting Slip…

    If you just need a little slip throw something on the wheel and use that

    To dry out clay fast roll it out thin with a rolling pin and leave it out

    Or don’t like something you made – choose to reclaim the clay of that piece – like a bowl drying with a crack on the bottom – break it up

  • Ceramic Slip

  • As I learned, the key to making clay slip that works is just enough water to allow stirring it then add small amount of deflocculant like water glass (sodium silicate) or even salt, which makes the clay flow like it had a lot more water in it but the plaster does not have to put all that water out.

    You can start with wet clay as well as the dry powder or you can even use the sludge in your clean scrap bucket – just pour off the extra water before digging the heavier stuff out.

  • There isnt know other way. But if you do have clay it can be any consistancy just not fired…like put in the kilm. Just put clay in a bowl, add water and mix really good ha. 🙂

  • an other alternative for slip is just plain water, also spit works too 😛

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