How to play a .php file?

Go to this site

Click the orange speaker to the right of the word Children in the gray box at the top

I get a dialog box that says

Windows Media Player: The file you are attempting to play has an extension (.php) that does not match the file format. Playing the file may result in unexpected behavior. Do you want the Player to try to play this content? (I click Yes.)

Then I see this link

But it just says 'Ready'. And there's no play button or anything, and I can't hear anything...

I didn't download anything either, so I'm guessing that's why Windows Media Player can't play it because it doesn't even know where this file even is, unless it is supposed to stream it from the internet. In this whole process the Windows Media Player did not even open.

Nitram: So what do you suggest I do?

Tyler M: Have you tried this and gotten the same result? Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do to be able to play this file?

SeeYouLa...: Ah, I updated my Player to 11 and clicked that link- it worked. Thanks.

SeeYouLa...: I tried clicking the orange speaker again in my original link, to get the same effect. Where did you get the link you provided? Because yours works and mine doesn't.

Colanth: No, if you looked at the previous answers and my additional details, I think you will find that you are incorrect. I am awaiting SeeYouLa...'s response to my latest question.

can you send me a link to play this one too?

thank you

7 Answers

  • I use Windows Media Player 11 and it works okay.

    You might also want opening this URL in your Windows Media Player directly, it is a stream:



    Josh A, you don't have email or IM enabled, so if you need help I can't email you 🙁

    Anyway, here's the link


    (it is temporarily stored in an asx file in Temporary Internet Files folder)


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  • Trying to play .php video files. Media Player and windows movie maker both will not play them.

  • php file(s) are intranet based, you can't load them into a media player, for one. They aren't media files, in fact php file(s) are server-sided files written to make webpages more dynamic.

  • It's not trying to play a php file, it's trying to play a vma file. That's probably a typo, it should probably be wma.

  • You can't play a .php file, it's program not music

  • just change the php extention to avi it works ....

  • Play.php

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