how to say “come”, and “come at me” in japanese?

how do you say come in japanes? how do you say "come at me"?

here's a clip from the movie "shinobi, heart under blade"

at 2:42 he says "come at me" and at 3:21 he says "come".

here's another video from the movie "batttle Royale"

at 6:49 the girl says "come at me".

it sounds like she could be saying oide at the beginning of the phrase like the third person mentioned as an alternate word for come. but she might be referring to if. like "come at me and every inch of me will resist you"

sorry i pasted the first video twice by mistake. this is the battle royale one

7 Answers

  • Come at me -->

    He said "maire."


    参れmeans "Come on." or " come at me."

  • If you want ask somebody to come: 来て “kite”

    or you may also say “oide”

    To say “come here”: こち来て kochi kite (colloquially)

    If you want to ask politely, it will be much more complicated.

    Maybe ここにいらっしゃいませ。(koko ni irasshai mase) is not too rude. Probably Rotbuche's suggestion is better.

    (A note on pronunciation: don't use English vowels! When reading the above transscriptions use English consonants and Italian vowels.)

    (Rotbuche, what about “donto koi”? 😉

  • Dear Rotbuche,

    Thanks SO much for picking up my terrible mistake! (not being sarcastic). If i made that in an exam i'd be distraught! hat verb doesn't follow normal rules. Oh well, so by come at me they mean "come attack me"? Hmm, interesting! Learn something new every day! Thanks for letting me know my mistake! 🙂

    Come in Japanese is "kuru".

    I don't know what you mean by "come at me". If you want to say "please come here" you can say "koko ni kite kudasai".

    Hope this helps,


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  • This Site Might Help You.


    how to say "come", and "come at me" in japanese?

    how do you say come in japanes? how do you say "come at me"?

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  • Dear Beau,

    you made a mistake: "kutte" means to eat, "kite" means to come. So you wanted to say "Koko ni kite kudasai". ここに来て下さい。

    Hello samuraisedge:

    But with "come at me" you mean "to attack", don't you. You should say "Kakatte koi". かかって来い。

    P.S: I watched the video. At 2:42 he says "maire" 参れ. It means to go or to come and is a humble word. It is a command. Mairu 参る is the infinitive.

    Dear Zenon,

    thank you for your kind words.

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  • come


    come to me   

      kotti ni kite(こっちに来て)

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