how to uninstall dios mios lite?

I got the SD version of the DIOS MIOS app. But i dont know how to install it. Its been a year since i fiddled with it and i need to remove it without bricking my wii. I would use bootmii to restore the wii to when it wasnt installed but trying to figure out how to use bootmii again sorta forced me to make a new currejt backup so thats out of the question. Anyone thing i read online says to remove it VIA the Cios and then the WAD but i need more info before i give it a good go. Can someone explain it step by step or find a videp of it being unistalled or find a guide to do it? Being on a mobile kinda is troublesome to be searching for the answer

2 Answers

  • You can find a wad of Mios v10 (which is installed with Menu 4.3 update via Nintendo), and use a wad installer to install it. It will overwrite DML and replace it with Mios.

    You can download the Mios v10 wad from here:

  • Rvl-mios-v10.wad

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