how to write Career break letter?

Hi guys,

I am wanna take a 1 year career leave letter to continue my education. Not sure how to write a letter in a formal way. could someone help me please.

The letter will be send to personnel manager.


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  • Dear Mr (e.g John),

    I would like to request for one year leave to return to university and complete my last year degree.

    I very much enjoy working for this company and would like to retain my position and grow within the company after completion of my studies.

    I hope and would appreciate if you take my request into consideration.

    I look forward to hearing from you concerning your decision.


    (Your name )

    "it just has to be brief" perhaps speak to ur manager face to face if that helps and makes things easy for you"

    good luck

  • Tesco Career Break

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    Be honest about why you need a career break, if it is for maternity/adoption or family reasons you may find that you get some extra support but if it is just to go travelling then be honest and say that. If you are handing in your notice to go off work then tell them you are willing to return and would look forward to an opportunity to work for them again in the future (always a good idea to keep your options open).

  • Dear sir/madam

    I would like to request for one year carrier break for my personal circumstance.

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