how would you describe the movement of the sun over 30 minutes?

Which way does the earth rotate - from east to west, or west to east? Explain?

How would the length of a shadow in the noon compare to the length of a shadow in the afternoon?

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  • The Earth rotates from the west to east. The Sun does not rotate around the Earth, in Thirty mins. the sun would appear to be in a different part of the sky, but that is because of the Earth's rotation. The light and heat intensity changes as well as the Earth rotates.

    The closer to noon you get, the higher intensity of light and hotter it usually gets, however heat often changes because of different weather fronts and pressure changes.

    your shadow is "short" at noon because the Sun is directly over you. By afternoon-evening your shadow becomes more elongated because the sun is now hitting you at an angle. It is almost as if the sun is sitting on the Earth's horizon and you are standing directly in front of the sun, inhibiting the sun to ᴘᴇɴᴇтʀᴀтe light through you, which lets you cast a long shadow. Take a flashlight and a glue stick or something that stands on its own that is tall enough to cast a shadow. Take the flashlight and point the light directly over the object, then start moving the flashlight to the angle the sun would be towards sunset.

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