How would you respond to “I guess”?

So lately I've been having many conversations that would end with someone (usually a girl) saying "I guess".

When texting, we could be having an interesting conversation, or we could be starting a conversation, and after I say something the other person will either say "ig", "I guess" or "lol, I guess".


Me: Hey, what's up

Her: Nothing much you?

Me: About the same. How you feeling today?

Her: Good, and yourself?

Me: Pretty good, gonna watch a movie later.

Her: What movie?

Me: Scott Pilgrim vs the world, have you seen it?

Her: Not really.

Me: Lol, you should check it out sometime it's funny.

Her: Lol, I guess.

Usually leaving me speechless. This is not how most of my conversations go, this is just an example, however I'm sure you get the point.

What would you say after someone says "I guess?"

4 Answers

  • i guess means that she agrees 70%, maybe 40% thank the lord for not getting a maybe.

    BTW the i guess in the conversation above is not a conversation stopper it's more of a lets talk about something else, since she has no idea about the movie you can't aspect her to talk about something she has no idea about.

  • Either she's bored, she wants to talk about something else, she wants to stop talking, or she just doesn't agree with you or will never do whatever you suggested haha

    Source(s): I'm a girl
  • I would just say "yeah, so anyway blah blah blah and start another conversation if you want to keep texting, if not say nothing.

  • thats a girls way to trying to end the convo. at that point you need to change the subject

    Source(s): me a female

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