Husky chihuahua mix? Can you help?

My friend gave me one of her puppies today and I was had a few questions… First off the mom is a full blooded husky and the dad is a chiahuah and I believe is full blooded but we weren’t sure. My question is, how big do you think the dog will get? As big as the mom, mid size, or closer to the dad (chihuahua). Will it be a easy dog to train? Is it going to be destructive because the mom tore up my friends couch, and from my understanding chiahuahs are very energetic. Will it be good with people, because I always have people coming to my house. Oh and tell me if you think this is a good idea I’m going to breed my 10 week old husky/chiahuah with my friends fox terrier jack russel dog.

But my dog is very cute it looks just like the mom except for faint brown eyebrows

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  • ok first off: WHY are you planning on breeding these dogs together???????????? do you know how many unwanted dogs are PTS every single day because people just breed their dogs for no reason/money?????????

    second, who can tell how big/energetic/destructive your dog will be. its a mixed breed, so anything can happen. what i would suggest, is training your dog well to prevent any behavioural issues from cropping up.

  • Husky Chihuahua Mix

  • mutts are unpredictable in every way including size, coat and energy level. In a mix like that you could have several dogs end up being small like chis or medium sized like huskies or somewhere in between. unfortunately your friend is a colossal moron. I can’t imagine the temperament of these dogs will be anything anyone would want to live with- the attitude of a chi with the energy of a husky. It sounds like a horrifying mix to be honest. Make sure the dog gets plenty of exercise. Start out with many short walks throughout the day. By the time the dog is a year old you should be walking it 2x per day for an hour each and having another 3-4 hours per week of high intensity exercise (frisbee, swimming, chasing a ball, etc). Crate train it and don’t ever expect it to behave off lead as huskies are notorious for running off. Only an idiot would breed this dog. You are either a child or a troll. If you are not a troll, I hope your parents have better sense. Get this dog altered as soon as possible.

  • There is no way to predict how large your dog will get, if it will be easy to train, if it will be destructive, or good with people. If properly socialized your puppy will be good around people. As for ease of training it honestly depends on your dog, some dogs are easy to train while others are more stubborn. This will depend on your puppies personality. A destructive dog is a dog that is most likely not properly exercised, bored and doesn’t get enough mental stimulation. It is not a good idea to breed your dog with your friends dog. Your dog will be healthier if she is spayed and doesn’t have a litter of puppies. Breeding should be done by responsible reputable breeders who know what their doing, have a reason for breeding, health test their dogs and have titles (whether they are show dogs or working dogs) on their dogs.

  • Did you seriously say you are going to breed a 10 WEEK OLD PUPPY

  • For me, short. a person see, hair like jared leto’s seem too effortless and sometimes even oily. Shortcuts are more fun to play with and some sttles look better on them.

  • I have short hair for the first time since I was 10 years old and We really like it but I overlook my long curly locks so I’m growing it back out!

  • Mines opposite to yours . The dad is the husky . They are super small and a bit longer . Mine didn’t grow . He is 1-2 feet tall . Super cute. His name is kujo .

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  • i used to have one, they get about as big as a large jack russel.

  • so how is it going?

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