I am being ask to write a poem about the amazon rainforest.?

I would like to write it through the eyes of an aniconda it has to describe what I see and kind of quality of life I enjoy. The reader has to understand how I live there and it is only to be 5 sentences long that are in a poem form?

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  • In the Amazon Rain Forest

    Down on the forest Floor

    It is my own true homeland

    The place that I adore.

    I am an Anaconda,

    I slither and I slide

    down among the undergrowth

    as from humans I hide.

    There are the environmentalists

    with Guns they prowl around

    and shoot at me when they see me.

    with that horrible banging sound.

    I like the native humans]

    I like them quite a lot

    I wrap my self around them

    and eat them while they’re hot.

    I think the native humans

    called Indians today

    are my favorite supper

    An Indian take away.

  • Amazon Rainforest Poems

  • The rainforest is nice,

    My humble abode is situated here.

    There are many critters roaming free,

    It feels me with love, warmth and cheer.

    I never wish to leave.

    – Chris White and Tom Wright, send a cheque

  • The emargent layer is high and the tocan can fly that high

  • “I peer at the world around me,

    Green on green, birds singing.

    I feel the hushed stirrings,

    As my world comes to life.

    The forest wakes to another day.”


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