i am doing a persuasive speech on homework.. any suggestions?

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  • The following three topics relating to homework can be further explored for a persuasive speech....good luck with your presentation:

    I. All ‘Homework’ and No Play…By Shamsah Raheem Dhanani:

    Homework, according to many educators bridges the gap between the school and home environment. The excercise was made to help students revise what they learned in the classroom. But too much homework is also known to induce burnout and fatigue in children.

    It is a well-conceived idea in schools that homework develops a sense of responsibility in a child for completing a task and bringing it back the next day to show to the teacher. However, there is no evidence that an elementary school child achieves academic success by completing loads of assignments at home. Bannitt and Kalish (2006) assert that homework in huge quantity robs children of sleep, play and exercise time, which they need for proper physical, emotional and neurological development. Research proves that too much work leaves our young children with lesser achievements and a misbalanced academic move.

    It has often been noticed that children spend hours and hours on the projects given to them as homework leading to parents cutting down their evening activities in order to monitor their homework.

    There exists a school of thought that homework keeps children connected to their subjects along with deviating them from unnecessary pastimes including watching too much television and spending hours on the Internet. But does all that homework add to the children’s learning and academic success?

    As child psychologist Dan Kindlon, a Harvard professor and author of several books, including Tough Times, Strong Children, mentions, “The issue of too much homework comes up whenever I talk to parent groups, and the truth is, there’s no good research justification for it. The analyses out there just doesn’t make a connection between homework and success.

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    II. School Burn-Out:

    This controversial issue is concerning the amount of school-related activities and requirements young people face now in school or the community and how that often leads to "school burn-out." Faced with an unlimited amount of choices combined with the pressure of a fast-paced-world, young people are spreading their selves too thin by engaging in a number of commitments. Besides physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion, there are several more pressing consequences of school burn-out. Arguments include: which is the most harmful of all the possible factors that contribute to "school burn-out", such as the desire to please demanding or uninvolved parents, the pressure to achieve, the need to stand out in the crowd, the influence of popular culture, the overload of extracurricular activity choices, homework, and studies, and the fear of rejection, as well as who is responsible for putting the proper limits on students: teachers or parents? Should students be limited to a certain number of activities they can be involved in as to prevent student burn-out? Should homework assignments be limited to a maximum of three nights a week?

    III. Homework Can Accentuate Existing Social Inequities:

    Children from disadvantaged homes may have more difficulty completing assignments than their middle-class counterparts. Is it fair and healthy for the schools to impose more work on families who are generally overworked and who already have their free time overtaxed?

    Negative arguments include that homework creates unnecessary anxiety for the child and the family and can have a negative impact on the family as a whole. Others feel that assigning homework is unfair without support available to children whose families have little time or little knowledge about the technology taught and the approaches to teaching that are considered valuable today.


  • No Homework Persuasive Essay

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    i am doing a persuasive speech on homework.. any suggestions?

  • In order for you to be able to argue something well I suggest something you have some passion about. As far as a lighter debatable topic, maybe the two most popular diets (Weight Watchers and South Beach/Atkins). Most debatable topics I can come up with may be too heavy. Here are some I would consider: Public Health Care Assited suicide Laws regarding spanking children Death Penalty Welfare

  • Watch videos by influential world leaders. There speeches are very persuasive and they were able to persuade masses. Look for their speeches and analyze them.

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  • Do you think kids should have homework? I don’t know because sometimes it takes hours to do. Right now I usually have homework in math science and English everyday. Sometimes I have Spanish homework and barely have social studies homework, but usually the social studies homework is hard and takes a long time to do. I don’t think we should have homework because it’s to much work to start and it gets in the way of after school activities and most importantly can cause some health problems.

    The first reason we shouldn’t have homework is it’s too much work. In school we sit in a classroom doing work for almost 7 hours (besides lunch). So why do we have to do homework after working for half our day and go to the place where we can get away from school. Also we have a lot of homework on days we need to study for a quiz, and a quiz seems more important then homework. The other reason is its after school we have homework. On the weekend! When we have 3 days off from school but still have to do school work. This is the only time we have to hangout with our friends on he weekends but cant sometimes because we have homework. Lastly homework is terrible if no one can help you. If no one can help you then your doing work that you don’t understand, and if you don’t understand it what’s the point having the work you can’t do.

    The clock hits 7:30 and I just get home and haven’t been home all day. Then I realize that I have to do English homework, social studies, science and math. This has happened to me many times. The second reason we shouldn’t have homework is it is a major health issue for most kids. First off, you get less sleep because some teens have to stay up all night because they get home late and still have to do a lot of homework. Students in middle school need a lot of sleep because they have to wake up at 7:15. In an article it says kids from ages 12-18 need at least 8-9 hours of sleep and some teens only get 6-7 because there up so late doing homework People in high school have a ton of homework each night and have to be at school before 7:30. My brother was up once at 12:00 or 11:30 doing his homework. He had to wake up at 7 and only got 7 hours of sleep. The second reason homework is a health issue is it gives kids a lot of stress because they have to do homework and don’t want to forget anything. This gives students more stress because they already have stress from tests and quizzes. The last reason why homework is a health issue is kids get scared because if they forget homework they don’t want their parents to yell at them. Kids hate when their parents yell at them and make them feel like they have more pressure now because the parents are all over them.

    The last reason why homework is bad is that it gets in the way of after school activities and class work. First if kids have sports they might have to skip something they like to do for school work even though they did that in school. Also homework gets in the way of class. It gets in the way of class when you have to go over homework. When you could use that time in class to study or go over stuff you don’t understand. This also interrupts class if the homework check takes a long time because no one understands it. Finally it takes away the time you have with your friends when you have to leave early because you have to admit to your mom you have a lot of homework.

    I don’t think we should have homework for those three reasons it’s too much work. It’s a health issue and It gets in the way of other activities. I think health is the biggest concern, because if this much work is casing health problems we shouldn’t have it to help kids not because we don’t want homework. After to reading this I hope you understand my 3 reasons why we shouldn’t have homework at all.

  • rhetorical questions!

    Also quoting a strong figure in history is often a good idea if the quote is thought provoking(Make sure it's relevant though)

  • Hope this helps!

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