i bougt a chanel bag and it came w/ a cerial # on the card of authenitcity?

my question is it real the # is 7244764. it says chanel paris in it and has the Chanel cs perfect....ladies what do you think?? ill give high pionts for best answers

i bought at neimmus marcus if thats how spell it and melissa i can actually my dad is a doctor and my mom is lawyer it was $3200 i hope i didnt get riped off my mom will sue and win..i dont know?? thanks i will give lots of points

justin it doesnt look like that at all

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  • its gotta be. no knock off comes with a serial number. once i bought a pair of chanel sunglasses and i knew they were fake because they said made in italy instead of paris i was angry!!

  • Chanel Bag 7244764

  • If you bought it from a department store, it is real.

    If you bought it anywhere else, I doubt it's real. The serial may or may not be true, but inspect the materials, stitching etc for quality and that will tell you the answer right there. All fake bags are poorly put together. and if you didn't buy it from a dept. store, just learn from your mistake and make sure you get it from a chanel or department store next time.

    EDIT-- hun, i read your update... if you bought it at neiman's, IT IS REAL =) lucky you lol take good care of that thing!!!!!!! =D

  • I'm sorry. but as you most likely know that counterfeits are mass produced therefore each counterfeit does not have a different cerial number as the authentic ones do. the number 7244764 is a common number in counterfeits. I did a little research and found this out. It would be highly unlikely that the bag you got would be real because that would mean that the number just happened to be the same one that is commonly used in counterfeits.


    hope i helped,


  • You have a possible fake.

    From an article I read, the serial number you gave is commonly used on fake Chanel's/


    1) the price of course...the price is surpisingly low its a knock off

    2) looks cheep all plasitcy


    Right now, the most commonly used counterfeit serial numbers on CHANEL bags are :7244764, 8947749, 9316391, 9395451, 9395455, 9675223, 9777617, 10218184, 10501946, 11062948 and 10803549.


  • you can get checked at Chanel! Did you get it at the real store if you did then it real! If you got from people from China Town in New York from someone of the street then it is fake!

  • My guess would be that it's real.

    It's difficult to tell without looking at it, but if it came with a card of authenticity and a serial number, it's probably real, or one really good fake.

  • Where did you buy it? With all due respect, I doubt you could afford a real one judging by the way you spell. Go to a shop that sells them and ask for help.

  • Replica merchandise comes with not only serial numbers but everything the real things come with. See below.

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