I can’t login in DEVIANTART at all! Help please.?

Somehow today, when I decided to check out my deviantart account, it said that my password is incorrect. Of course, I logged off the computer and changed my password multiple times, thus none of them solved it. I may sound desperate, but I never experienced this problem before and I'm trying my best and I don't think there's any FAQ about this from deviantart.com. Thanks for solutions.

Yeah, probably a glitch. I hope it doesn't end up permanently.

Not necessarily a stalker which is not a right word, Cartoon. I just want to share how I feel about this incident of deviantart, okay?

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  • I just submitted a question for this too, so if I get a reliable answer I will definitely tell you! I am having the exact same problem. Exact. Edit: Turns out, a lot of people are having the same problem. The person I got the answer from says there is apperently a glitch in the Deviantart system. So hopefully we will be able to log in tomorrow.

  • Deviantart Login Problems



    I wanted to upload something and check my notifications but it always says my password is incorrect, which isn't true at all! I even reset it 4 times!

    But my friend found this on the deviantart page, so hopefully this explains it.

    "Our apologies! Supermoon flares are interfering with a small number of users' ability to log-in to deviantART. We're looking into installing a lunar shield, but until then, you can still browse moon pics while logged out! Again, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and know that we're working to resolve the issue ASAP."

  • Problem is solved as of now. You should be able to log into Deviantart right now.

  • The same exact thing just happened to me today. Did you ever resolve it? I don't want to start up a new account because of this.

  • For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/av8bQ

    You and several others on here are complaining about it right now. Obviously the site is having issues in some areas.

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