I don’t understand American Horror Story?

I just started watching it because so many people recommend it but I have no idea what's going on...please explain? Thanks

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  • What is it that you don't understand? As everyone has already explained, each season of the show is a different story, with different characters and settings, but with the same cast.

    Season 1 (Murder House) is about a family moving to a haunted house in LA and the main theme is ghosts/murder.

    Season 2 (Asylum) is set in an asylum (duh) and there's a serial killer mystery throughout.

    Season 3 (Coven) is about witches.

    Season 4 (Freak Show) is about "freaks" in the circus.

    Season 5 (Hotel) is set in a hotel (again duh) and is centered a lot around vampires.

    Personally, I would only reccommend watching seasons 1 and 2, as all of the other seasons ꜱᴜcκ in comparison. However, the great thing about the show is that you can pick and choose which seasons you want to watch, and because they aren't sequential you won't have missed anything. So you can watch them in any order you like and still manage to follow each season's story.

    I would say watch the first episode of each season and see which one captures your attention, as everyone will have their own opinion on the best season. The storylines can be a little messed up and complicated at times, so you have to follow what's going on closely or you will be lost.

  • It's an anthology show with a different setting/theme each season and the same actors playing different characters.

    Season 1: Murder House (haunted house/present day)

    Season 2: Asylum (Asylum/1960's)

    Season 3: Coven (Witches/present day)

    Season 4: Freak Show (set in the 50's)

    Season 5: Hotel (hotel/present)

    I recommend you either start on season 1 or go back to the first episode of this season.

    For this season it is about a haunted hotel with ghosts, vampires, and a serial killer which Wes Bentley's character is trying to find.

  • What season are you on? Each season is a different story in a different setting (although the fifth season ties several of them together).

    The first season focuses on the Harmon family who relocate to LA for a fresh start after the wife catches her husband having an affair with one of his students. They move into this beautiful Los Angeles house which, unbeknownst to them, has a dark history of murder. It's also home to several ghosts, who appear to be real corporeal humans. They also encounter Constance Langdon, a neighbor who used to live in the house and has a potentially sinister agenda.

  • I have found something interesting on the "AHS" , something like a theory as revealed by Ryan Murphy that connects all seasons together. Then it may make sense.

    “American Horror Story” Season 6: The one theory that connects all stories


    Source(s): http://www.movienewsguide.com/american-horror-stor...
  • You're supposed to not know until you've watched the whole thing (season 1).

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