I forgot my BDO account number? What shall I do?

Is the 16-digit card number same with the account number?

5 Answers

  • no. it's different! the card number are not the account number.

    1. the best way is to contact your BDO branch where you open the account and verify for your account number.

    2. also may ask the other branch which you are going to do the transaction, and ask them to check the account number for you by given them the complete details and ID.

    that' what i'm doing most of the time, because i have atleast five accounts at different branches, and i always forget the account numbers after they merge with Equitable and gave me the new account numbers.


  • I use Capital and the best ting to do is make those payments otherwise the interest will eat you up. There's no real solution to accomodate this problem. Do your best to start making the payments at last till you get caught up to start adding more later down the road. This will help keep your account active. There's a number on the card for you to cal a 1-800 number. Give them your information and they will help you. Good Luck

  • The first thing you need to do is to contact your bank( BDO) where you created your account then ask for assistance regarding your concern. I think that the bank would help you.

  • paano ko po malalaman ulit yung account number ko nawala kc nag loload kc ako sa unwiz through bdo

  • paano malaman ang account number ko sa BDO online?

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