I got a fortune cookie that said “Good beginning is half-done.” What does it mean?

I got a fortune cookie that said "Good beginning is half-done." What does it mean?

I interpreted it a few different ways...

it could mean that to just have a good beginning makes a task only half done, instead tasks should be good from beginning to end (aka dont slack)

or it could mean that I've gotten off to a good start but it is telling me that the good is going to come to an end

or is could mean that whatever good thing i am going through is only the beginning and i still have a while to go?

i dont know...it could mean something comletely different too, what do you think?

3 Answers

  • It means that a good beginning is only half done without a good end. It really isn't a "fortune", it is simply a proverb.

    Hope this helps!

  • Nothing that is contained in a fortune cookie means anything - even if it is translated well from the Chinese. The Chinese are superstitious people. They seem to think that westerners are too. If fortune cookies were sold instead of being included as a free bonus, they'd discover that most of us are not.

  • I have always interpreted it to mean that if you have made a good beginning,(i.e., planned well, gathered your resources and laid your groundwork) then the rest of the job will be simple, even if there is a lot of it, whereas if you just jump into with no planning it will be more difficult and take longer.

    Sort of a "stitch in time saves nine" kind of thing.

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