I have a bracelet that says 18KGT-is that real gold? i’ve cleaned it and it looks totally silver?

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  • Usually KGT means KARAT GOLD TONE which means it is not real gold but a gold colour or plating.

    18KGT would be 18karat gold tone.

  • I have never ever seen anything that is just gold tone being stamped for that. Same with white gold, it never has a special stamp, just the normal gold quality stamp.

    I am not entirely sure what your stamp means, but it's not the normal gold stamp. That would be 18K or 18Kt. Since your bracelet is now silver in color, it obviously is not solid gold. It could be gold plated over silver, but it won't be gold over white gold. That's just not done.

  • I looked this up the other day.

    Type in White Gold in your browser and click on Wikipedia.

    18KT is 18 parts gold to 6 parts Alloy.

    Interesting Information.

    Hope it helps you.

  • yes. maybe you just have a white gold bracelet.

  • it is real 18K white gold if it is stamped 18KGT!

    i m a jeweler from china. u r welcome to contat me if u have any questions about jewelry!

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