I have a computer addiction?

Okay sooo I love to go on the computer and use the internet, allot.

these are my favorite websites ( Deviantart.com) ( digiturf.com) (youtube.com) (facebook.com) (furrafinty.com) I go to those websites like every day. I am homeschooled so i have more time to do stuff. but i alsoo abusse my time. My dad complains that i'm on the computer too much. and I am. i'm either (drawing,watching videos,bloging,or surfing the internet. My vission is starting the act weird. like i kinda have a hard time reading things from a distance, I have never really had a hard time before but now i am. I think this isan addiction? wouldn't you say? So I am usually stuck at hom 80% of the time. i rarely ride my bike and i should walk my dog every day but because of this computer problme i have, i forget. I spend up to half of the day on the computer. I really need some tips on how to get off this addiction. please help 🙁

6 Answers

  • Play minecraft

  • Furrafinty

  • Yup,you are a PC addict but don't worry most of us are too ( including me >:3 )

  • Every one now has this issue. sometimes all i think about is going on the computer like its almost my drug, ***** WORLD OF WARCRAFT! lmao.

    its not like i have no life, but when ive not been on it for like 1 or 2 days i REALLY miss it.

  • Do you want me to call a pschiatrist or a rehab center.

  • me too

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