I have a pair of tall english riding boots without zippers, tips for getting the on and off?

They are an absolute pain to get them on and off, so are there any suggestions for things I can buy to get them on and off or other tricks?

Thank you!

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  • Riding socks, a god heavy boot jack not the lightweight plastic ones. And boot pulls. You put the end on the boot pulls through the little loop of fabric on the inside of the boot. Loosen the laces and point you foot and pull them on. It takes practice. With the boot jack put your heel in the little heel cup thing and put you other foot on the end or else it won't work point you foot and pull out.

    The advantage to pull on you don't have to worry about a zipper breaking.

    I have these boot pulls never had a problem.


    Similar boot jack to the one i have.


    NEVER use your other foot to get the other boot off. It can really damage the heel of the boot.

  • I have to keep changing from riding boots to wellies. It's so annoying.

    For tips, I will have to say:

    Wear thin, smooth socks. Not wool things that won't slide.

    Put your socks over your johds/breeches so the bottoms don't fold up as you pull the boots on.

    When changing into tall boots or back to other shoes, never try to get them off with bare feet. Get one boot off and put the other shoe on to get the other boot off, it's easier.

    Check the lining in the boots. I made the mistake of forgetting it, and when I pulled my boots on the lining ripped out and got caught under my foot, making for a quite uncomfortable ride.

  • Boot pulls for getting them on and boot jacks for getting them off. If you are still having problems with the fit, have elastic inserts stuck on the inside calf to help them stretch and give a little when you pull them on and off. Pulls are usually around $5 a pair and a jack is usually around $10-15.

  • Well i can't wear tall boots (im too short!) but i know a lot of people who do not like the zipper because it gets stuck and they find the kind with out the zipper fits more snug and its just more comfortable to them.

  • You can do all the suggested or you can totally put a plastic bag over your foot (With your sock on) and slide your foot in the boot. The bag stays on until you take your boot off again. It totally helps. My ex-friend does that. I thought she was crazy at first but I learned something new!

    Just make sure the bag is hidden by your boot.

  • Tall, thin socks over your breeches (knee high nylons work well too!), boot hooks, and boot jacks as others have said.

    Baby powder really helps. I sprinkle it all on the inside of my boot and pat some on my calves too. Boots slide on MUCH easier:)

  • When you out them on point your foot and shove till you get to about where your heel is, flex you foot and stand on it. To get them off point you foot and push the boot toward your toes, then pull with your foot (mught require some banging on the ground!)

  • I would get a boot jack, they hold your heel so you can pull your leg out. You can also get a person to hold you foot while you pull out. Good Luck!

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