I have an eco flo septic system and it needs pumped once a year is this normal?

I also have a contract where they come out and inspect it 2 times per year. I have had it for 2 years now. I live in pennsylvania 30 miles above pittsburgh. Also the sewage enforcement officer comes out 2 times per year and does an inspection that costs me $250 per inspection.

My tank is 1200 gallons. This is built for a 4 bedroom house. My oldest son went to college and we only have 3 people living there right now. One is 9 he does not make much waste. I mostly do my business at work because that is the schedule my body is on. This tank was built for 5 people. I have spoke with the manufacturer and they said that this is the correct size tank for 5 people.The last time I had it pumped they had to pump both side of that tank out costing me $500 total.

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  • Most normal Septic systems solid waste separation tank should be pumped every 3 to 5 years depending on the number of people it is servicing and the size of the waste section of the septic tank.

    Having to pump it out once per year seems to be to often. I would suspect the solid waste section of the waste separation tank is undersized for the number of people in your home.

    Also, if you already do not know, the filtering material must be replaced after 8 years

    "Ecoflo ® is a permanent system, only the filtering media has to be replaced after 8 years.

    •Reduce the space necessary for your septic installation (requires only half to a quarter of the size of a conventional system)


    Click on "The Most Ecological" in the following link:


    Also, what they claim about a conventional septic system must be replaced/relocated is not true in most cases if the system is sized installed and maintained correctly. Maintenance of a conventional septic system is much cheaper that the EcoFlo system and does the same job. The main advantage of the EcoFlo system is it can be installed on lots which are too small for most conventional septic systems.

    Because the nature of the EcoFlo system with the pump(s) and special filtration system, many health departments insist on a yearly inspection to ensure it is operating the way it is designed to do and within local standards (another extra cost that is not required for most conventional septic systems.)

  • While I haven't heard of eco flo systems it seems just a bit too costly to be eco friendly. We have a 3 bedroom home with 4 people in it and the last time we had it pumped 5 years ago the septic company said it was only half full. He suggested to have it done every 6 years. Don't have sewage enforcement here so I can't help you there. Are you sure your drain field is clear or do you even have one? Seems like an awful lot of money to pay. We only pay $200.00 for a pump out but we live in Mi if that makes any difference.

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    I believe your septic system isn't the only thing that is full of goo. It seems so is the contract and the paper it is written on too. 2~3 people with a pump out every 5 to 7 years is the norm. Naturally, if you do a lot of entertaining, meetings and other activities where the sewage system is stressed, then yes, pump out by how much suspended solids are present and best assessed by a company rep whom you trust. Pump out in my part of the country has gone to $120, after being $80 for years. For over 30 years prior it was never pumped out. Those bio-additives that are supposed to improve bacteria culture for organic breakdown are the worse things you can drop down the can, more about marketing than real benefit. Perhaps your local government needs to make some money too as to why you must have a sewage enforcement officer is beyond belief.

  • Eco Septic System

  • When having an eco flo septic can ut be changed to a septic ped ? I live in ontario and tired of paying for roots in the tank peat moss change and maintnance ...

  • I also have an ecoflo system. How much did they tell you the cost of the media replacement would be after the 8 years and did this include the maitancence?

  • for me in Ontario maintenance is 288$ and if the media is 1800$ to replace.

    These systems are pieces of crap, classic case of cronyism, the only company allowed to do the maintenance is the company that sells the system, and now they just sent me a letter saying that if I do not comply and follow up with the maintenance I could risk fines or whatnot. Basically pay up and shut up.

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