i lost my malaysian passport.?

hi there,

I misplace my passport.

How to re-apply it and how long will it take.

Very urgent.


7 Answers

  • As with every important document lost, a police report must be made in order for that document to be replaced.

    For a lost passport, take that report to inform the Immigration Dept. of the loss and at the same time, apply for a replacement. [take along with you a copy of your MyCard, certified by the NRD, and a photo stat copy of your birth certificate together with the original plus 2 passport photos. You may be interviewed to verify the circumstances of that loss. You will not get a replacement immediately, but have to wait for at least 5 years, or until the expiry of the current (lost) one. This is so, in case the passport turns up,or is found. For emergency travel, you may be issued with a letter of Identity in lieu of a passport, or a short period (e.g. 1 year) restricted passport. Such emergency travel documents may take 1 to 2 days, due to its very nature.[ a normal passport or renewal may take only a few hours or less, depending on when you can complete your payment of fees.]

  • Malaysian Passport Lost

  • You have to go to the police station and report it immediately, then head to the Immigration Department. The last time I went to apply for a passport, it was done within a day (submit forms etc in the morning, got it in the afternoon). Remember to bring along your personal documents.

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  • make a police report and contact the immigration department if not ppl steal ur passport and commit crime so u will get involve

  • You never get Normal Malaysia Passport in Next 5 years.

    Malaysia Immigration only issue ONE YEAR PASSPORT for you.

    Get you Police Report and report to Immigration.

    is may take more than 60 days for them to issue New ONE YEAR Passport to you.GOOD LUCK !

    Ha ha . if you able to get New 5 years Malaysia Passport between next 5 years. all costs by ME.

    If you able to get New ONE YEARS PASSPORT in ONE week time. all costs by me too ! + PM 1000 in cash.

    If you able to get New one years passport in 3 weeks. all costs by me !

  • 1. make police report

    2. go to immigration dept

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