I need a great father/daughter song for a Haitian Wedding please.?

I would like to have a perfect father/daughter song for my wedding. My mother and father are Haitian as well as my fiancee. However, I have never heard a great song in Creole or French about a daughter’s love for her father and vice versa. Please help.

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  • Hello, I’m Haitian living in Haiti.

    I have a great song but if I understood well, what you need is a song where the girl sing her love for her farther. Unfortunately, in this song, the singer is the dad, singing for the daughter. The song is in creole and essentially say: My daughter, you’re my love, my life. I could die for you to be happy etc….

    It is ”Pitit fi mwen”, from the soundtrack of an Haitian movie ”La Rebelle”. The singer is Reginald Lubin. You’ll love it. Try to youtube it.

  • Aw, thats really cool.

    I know this really cute song.

    Its called “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” by Chase


    Listen to it. Its really good. it was my sister’s wedding song.

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