I need cheap (free) braces!?

I am 19 and broke, I live in Washington state, and my parents would never pay for me to get braces. I really really need them , and I was wondering if anyone knew of any scholarships or any kind of program where I can get braces for free, or for a very low cost. Also, if it makes a differnce, I dont have any insurance. Thanks dudes!

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  • Here is the name of the one dental school close to you that may be of help, but not free.

    University of Washington-Health Sciences School of Dentistry

    D322 Health Sciences Bldg.;

    1959 NE Pacific St.;

    Seattle, WA 98195

    Dean: Dr. Martha J. Somerman

    Phone: (206) 543-5982

    Accreditation Status: Approval without Reporting Requirements

    Last Accreditation Visit: 2002

    Next Accreditation Visit: 2009

    Web Address: www.dental.washington.edu

    Some info might be available on this site-


    You could probably be like most people and get a payment plan, and can anticipate around $5000. for the cost of treatment.

    Hope that helps!

    JAMRDH - a dental hygienist

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  • Braces Seattle

  • Braces are VERY expensive without insurance. It's in the thousands of dollars and I don't think you could get them done for free. But if cost is an issue maybe check into a dental school and see if they can help you out. They usually have dental students doing the work (supervised by dentists) and they are usually less expensive. They still will not be cheap.

  • hi costly, not sure the way it works the place you're, yet often government hospitals furnish unfastened centers to those that won't be able to pay. they often fee a small cost for consultation. call around diverse hospitals and Im advantageous you need to have the skill to get help. Getting braces at your age now may be the superb determination you have ever made and it particularly is to your man or woman reliable. superb of success

  • My sisters braces cost over $10,000 by the time she got them off (4 years) Wait until you get a job with insurance. I'm sorry you haven't gotten them yet though, that sucks.

  • if you broke and want something for free......join the military, free medical and dental benefits, plus u make money.

  • loll, you could try making your own with wires and tape coz u aint gonna get no scholarship

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