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1. For Questions 15, refer to the excerpt from "Paper Pills" by Sherwood Anderson on the Unit Test Reading Passages page.

In line 25 "confound" most nearly means __________.

(Points : 2)





2. Refer to Passage 1 to answer this question.

People wonder about the marriage between Dr. Reefy and his wife because __________.

(Points : 2)

his wife is beautiful, young, and wealthy

Dr. Reefy works above the Paris Dry Goods Company's store

Dr. Reefy is not a popular figure in town

his wife is far too old and unattractive for him

3. Refer to Passage 1 to answer this question.

Which word best describes Dr. Reefy?

(Points : 2)





4. Refer to Passage 1 to answer this question.

What is unique about Dr. Reefy's hands?

(Points : 2)

They are made of wood.

He always keeps them closed.

He attaches walnuts to them.

They are abnormally large.

5. Refer to Passage 1 to answer this question.

The author writes that "in Doctor Reefy there were the seeds of something very fine" to suggest that the doctor __________.

(Points : 2)

works as a farmer when he isn't practicing medicine

keeps important secrets to himself

has inner qualities that make him admirable

is still in love with his late wife

6. For questions 610, choose the word or words that best complete the sentence.

Thanks to the twins' skillful __________, Aunt Phyllis never suspected the surprise party they threw for her.

(Points : 2)





7. Unlike the lighthearted __________ of her youth, Rosalind's adulthood proved to be full of frustration and constant __________.

(Points : 2)





8. Both __________ and __________, the abandoned garden survived the bleak winter and produced an abundance of flowers the following spring.

(Points : 2)





9. Someone with __________ beliefs advocates all types of freedoms, even those that she does not practice.

(Points : 2)





10. After several years of living __________ on an enormous estate, the family members had to admit that their shrinking income was too __________ to allow them to stay.

(Points : 2)





11. In questions 1115, each of the sentences provided may contain a grammar or usage error. Read each sentence, and then identify its error, if there is one, by choosing the appropriate letter. If there is no error in the sentence, choose E.

If you'd answered my question about geometry correct, I might have believed that you were a mathematician.

(Points : 2)

If you'd

my question about


you were

No error

12. Read the sentence and identify its error. If there is no error, choose E.

The heat and the humidity is why I really dislike spending the summer in the city.

(Points : 2)

The heat

and the


I really dislike

No error

13. Read the sentence and identify its error. If there is no error, choose E.

Kevin and Denise think roller coasters are scary, and those are something with which I disagree.

(Points : 2)

Kevin and Denise think

are scary,

those are

with which

No error

14. Read the sentence and identify its error. If there is no error, choose E.

The British Prime Minister, who is visiting the U.S. this week is extremely charismatic and intelligent.

(Points : 2)



week is

charismatic and intelligent

No error

15. Read the sentence and identify its error. If there is no error, choose E.

The last time we visited this park, you said that there were alot of fish in the pond.

(Points : 2)

last time we

this park

that there

alot of fish

No error

9 Answers

  • 1. Confuse

    2. His wife is beautiful, young, and wealthy

    3. Peculiar

    4. They are abnormally large.

    5. Has inner qualities that make him admirable

    6. Aversion

    7. transience...veracity

    8. fervent...dissonant

    9. libertarian

    10. lavishly...meager

    11. correct

    12. and the (The "the" is unnecessary)

    13. those are

    14. No error (Though, there should be a comma after "week.")

    15. alot of fish (It should be a lot, not alot.)

  • In N Z you doubtless have a few expressions which are not heard elsewhere, not even in Australia. I am southern English, but was in Oz for three years in the early 1970s. Visited N Z around Auckland for a few hours on the way home from Oz by sea. But then, what is "English" English or British English? As far as I am concerned the North (of England) is another country for language!

  • Ikiro for the most part was correct. However, for #6, aversion means to have a strong dislike for something, which doesn't fit into the sentence. The correct answer is "collusion."

    For #7, the only correct answer is "placidness...anxiety"

    #8 is "hardy...profuse"

    #12 was a trick question. There is nothing wrong with the extra "the", even though it may sound funny saying it aloud. The correct answer is "is", because of the incorrect subject-verb agreement.

    #14 is technically correct but it's missing a comma after week. Therefore, "week is" is your answer.

    (Wow, I get the feeling this unit was meant to be (crappy) SAT/PSAT prep, since the question types are similar lol.)

  • Paper Pills

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