I really want to try something new on the Chinese menu??!!?

My husband and I always order the same thing usually. General Tso's chicken, chicken fried rice, chicken lo-mein, sesame chicken, etc. I always see crazy things on there but I never want to order bc I dont want to waste $ if I dont like it and I dont know what the heck any of it is.. Can someone suggest something else we should try thats different and we dont know that it could be our next favorite thing?! Thanks! 🙂

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  • For me personally, I am not a big fan of anything spicy. There are two dishes I found that are very tasty, and although a teeny bit similar, they're different enough from the chicken fried rice, sweet and sour chicken balls and chicken chop suey type items that I usually lean towards.

    The first one is Tai Dop Voy, and it has chicken, shrimp, sliced beef and BBQ pork sauteed with vegetables. And the other is Moo Goo Guy Pan, which has slices of chicken sauteed with mushrooms, Chinese vegetables and bamboo shoots. Both, as I said, are somewhat similar to other items I order, but they're delicious nonetheless. I would say they're both an entry level to something different compared to what you usually order 🙂

    Good Luck!

  • Tai Dop Voy

  • I like Beef and Tomato, its a pretty simple dish, just strips of beef, a rich tomato sauce, and chunks of tomato. Its kinda sweet though, not spicy, but goes well with egg fried rice. I also like Yellow Bean sauce and black bean sauce.

    But ultimately, you should just take a risk and try something new.

    Even if its not your favorite dish, its never going to be so bad you cant eat it.

    If you dont like it, you wont wonder about it next time you see it.

    Keep doing this and sooner or later you'll find a new favorite dish which you never would have considered in the past 🙂

  • Try Ma Po Tofu (spicy tofu). It makes a pleasant change once in a while, and like the other person said, Chinese food is indeed bangin' to begin with.

  • Orange chicken is bangin, bourbon chicken, there is way too many item to list. Chinese food is delish to begin with. Good luck

  • The same question shows up again

  • why are all the answers so short these days?

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