I refrigerated Nutella and I don’t know if its safe to eat?

I accidentally put Nutella in the fridge for a very long time, and it became very very hard. But the first thing I saw were white streaks on the nutella. Like white lines. I scrapped them away and when I cut the first layer off, I saw more white streaks, from thick to thin. I'm not sure if its safe to eat though. Is it?

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  • I'm sure it's just cocoa and/or hazelnut fat that's separated because of the cold.If something's safe at room temperature like Nutella,it's even safer refrigerated.Just mix it.

  • I called Nutella. They said that the white stuff was the sugar, and to just leave the Nutella out in room temperature for 24 hours. Then to stir it all together after and it should be fine.

  • Chocolate does go white when stored incorrectly( temperature extremes) but is still OK.

    What was the use by date on the jar.

  • It's very likely that something in it separated so therefore it isn't good anymore even if you mixed it back up. Just toss it.

  • Its fine i put nutella in the fridge.All you need to do is defrost it and it will be fine.

  • When in doubt, throw it out.

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