I think I should leave my church-my pastor does not like me?

I know my pastor does not like me. I like the preaching b/c I know I am getting the word and I was beginning to grow. I went to the alter a couple of times to pray or to get someone to pray with me and was ignored purposely. To become a member i had to go to a 4 month members class. I completed that and wanted to begin a ministry. I was denied. My pastor is a woman. I sometimes wonder if she thinks that I am unforgivable. I have done some things in my life that I am not proud of but I thought If I went to God and asked for forgiveness and changed my actions, i am forgiven.and the pastors and leaders would support that. I have never done anything to the people in my church b/c I dont associate or have church friends of talk to anyone there. The only thing I can think of is that they know someone in my past that we are connected to. The thing I honestly wanted to serve the Lord and I was growing. But this has been a stumbling block to my spritiual growth. My pastor does not acknowledge me. I think I should leave. The reason I haven't is b/c I like the sermons and I'm learning. At the same time it's hard to want to stay. I am a single mother with 2 children that I bring there. I used to tithe and go regularly . I asked God what I did to make my pastor not like me since she won't even acknowledge my presense. I need spiritual advice on what to do. I am tired of going to church b/c of this. I dont have many friends and I feel left out and ostracized in every area in my life. I thought church would be the one place that I could become apart. Obviously not. I am going through the motions. Any pastor, what should I do? I'm feeling angry and resentful about this. Should I leave? How do I pray on this?

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  • Pray to God for the answer. To receive you must seek.

    Also, it would be nice if you found a friend and spill on her about whats going on and ask for help. Not EVERYONE hates you, it's just the bad influence of the pastor.

    Then go to the pastor and talk with her and ask her why she is avoiding you.

    Its not as easy as it sounds, but pray for guidance and strength. He will give it to you.

    If the reason is lame, just leave. You'll find another church.

    PS: God will forgive everything you have done if you ask for forgiveness and that pastor shouldn't get in the way.

  • The pastor was born a person, before she received a title or label as pastor. She is only human therefore can have errors in her character.People are sometimes like the weather they change personality like the forecast. Base your mental & spiritual growth not on another person likes or dislikes. Seek a house of worship that allow and honor all families seeking growth and peace of mind.If you cannot find it at one church then seek another, but don't stop believing or showing your children the right path to take for their lives. You go to a house of word-ship to follow religion not people. Don't be affair to join community groups to have a social life.check telephone books,bulletin board at school or try group counseling for young families.good luck

  • Praying won't solve this one! Go on your own to visit the Pastor and speak to her face to face, tell her that you feel she has something against you and you would like to resolve any issues that she might have. Then, after that discussion, decide whether to leave that Church or not.

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    The man is married. What you are considering - and to some extent DOING (hugging him with "energy"), is plainly and profoundly sinful. It is gravely wrong to tempt any spouse to leave his or her marriage. If you can not stay entirely separate from this man socially, I think you should leave that church immediately. Never hug him again unless you can do so with no erotic feelings. I am Roman Catholic. Peace be with you, and Good Night.

  • Every year we are mandated to attend courses that deal with things like this. If you are unable to control yourself, distance is better than disaster. Remember, you are planning to sin and draw a man of God into breaking his Vows to the Church and to his Wife. Get therapy or get thee gone.

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  • Pray about it first! Pray that God will give you the words and correct understanding to approach the Pastor without anger or judgementalism. Check your understanding of the proper conduct of the church with you participation in belonging to it, according to the book of Acts. If that doesn't fly, then consider that other people are having similar problems with the organized church and consider that you don't have the power within yourself to change who and what "they" are. I live in a small town where there's a church on every corner. They all have become prideful from the top down, worldly, and uncaring for nothing but themselves. God still loves you. Check out what the Bible says about the condition of the Church in the "End-Times"! Maybe, draw apart and ask God what He would have you do! Sometimes, it may be "ourselves" that have to change. Things are changing quickly in this world of ours, and it wouldn't take much of a disaster to dray people back. The church has become lost and fallen asleep; at least here in the United States. GOD STILL LOVES YOU!!! God Bless, and take care.. 🙂

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