I think my ribcage is deformed?

The left side of my ribcage is normal but the right side is indented and when I lay flat my ribcage looks like hills,(that's the only example I could think of)

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  • Not everyone is perfect. Sometimes our bodies are not completely symmetrical. Unless you are in pain or discomfort or feel it impacts your quality of life, nine times out of ten you are far from deformed.

  • Deformed Rib Cage

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    I think my ribcage is deformed?

    The left side of my ribcage is normal but the right side is indented and when I lay flat my ribcage looks like hills,(that's the only example I could think of)

  • Old question, I know, but dumbass answers need to be put in their place

    The whole 'nobody is perfect so don't bother growing' thing is a load of self-limiting crap I see all over the internet posted by people who are stuck in their own ruts and have nothing to offer.

    Your ribcage is given shape by your musculature, particularly the serratus muscles that support the structure against the scapulae and midline. These get inhibited by high tension in the spinal erectors, which kick in when the abs are weak. Asymmetry in abdominal activation, through this pathway, spreads to the serratus and intercostal muscles and even to the diaphragm causing a deep asymmetry in skeletal posture. I can guarantee you that your hips, shoulders and jaw are also slightly out of alignment as well. This is a whole body problem.

    So your spine, like most people's, is slightly crooked. From what you describe, the lumbar and cervical areas are twisted to face right, and the thoracic region twisted to face left. You have that indent because your ribcage has fallen forward on the right side due to the twist.

    Such asymmetry is part of being right-hand dominant, but some people are so right handed that the torque interferes with their mobility and circulation. Some people are just hyper sensitive of imperfection. Either way, through stretching routines (such as yoga or Tao Yin) you can balance your spine and start release the tension that is causing the twist. In your case it is tightness in the left abs and right lower back. That tight left psoas is no doubt culprit number one. Look up psoas stretches online as a starting point.

    Symmetry might end up being a lifelong pursuit, but with practice we get closer and closer, and over time we look and feel better and better. This is as much a spiritual pursuit as a physical one. Stress is the main thing that keeps the spine twisted. I will go so far as to say that our personality is just a reflection of our movement potential and by balancing our spine, we also balance our gestural palette and therefore our personality. Such a pursuit is not to be taken lightly. The rewards go far beyond health and attractiveness, for they include great pride and spiritual peace, which is control over stress: aka control over your spine's desire to twist in a state of threat, which is damn near universal these days).

    Don't be one of those sad people who go their entire lives without healing or growing, and who deal with their failure by posting discouraging answers to other people's hopeful questions.

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    If it does not effect your health I wouldn't get it fixed if I were you. Are you sure it is deformed, because I had a friend who had his ribs stick out with a sunken chest and it was just his body filling out. Its been like 5 years and he still slightly has it but it got better when he gained mussels and got older. Are you thin? If so that could be why it appears that way.

  • mine kinda does that too, i think there called floating ribs and im pretty sure there harmless.as long as your not in pain it should be fine

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