I want to be able to see my bones please help?

Im 4'10

a girl and 13

146 pounds

I want to be like 95 pounds and see my bones...hips , cheekbones , collarbone , ribs , hip bone..i want tiny arms/skinny arms i want a gap between my legs

please help?! its a goal i really want to achieve

Dont say anything like "Your anorexic/bulimic" or " Shove your finger down your throat/dont eat"

please some real tips.

6 Answers

  • Oh wow! I'm the same height and weight and I want to see my bones too!! I went pro ana last year and it worked for me but I didn't want to put my period in jeopardy and I dropped down to 108 pounds but I stopped and I began to eat normally..... But I have asthma and my inhaler has steroids in which causes weight gain. I hardly ever use it now but just do what I do! I drink TONS of water to keep me full and I never really have an appetite but anyways I ride my bike for 30 minutes on the weekends, I go on 30 minute walks 2 days a week and I dance for an hour and a half 5 times a week. Find something you love to do (e.g. Dance, gymnastics, soccer, etc.) and do it a lot! You will soon start to see improvement in your weight and you will get a flat stomach, and you won't look like an anorexic. and if you don't eat healthy than start to. Another AMAZIIIIIIING work out is the Dallas cowboy dances and kicks. Trust me hun, they really work your belly!!!!!!! Look it up on YouTube and do it its fun and you can feel the pounds fall off!!!! Hope this helps!!!! 🙂

  • Please don't do that to yourself. Your weight is normal! It's not good to see your bones. Thats called Anorexia and It's deadly. My cousins friend died of Anorexia a few years ago. Please don't do that. I'm also your age but I am a little taller than you. (By 1 inch and 1/2) and I am 90 pounds. I wish i was heavier because people call me anorexic but I'm not. So please don't do that to yourself. If you are doing it just because of some people teasing you, then a healthier way to lose weight is to do some intense exercising. My friend was 4'9, weighed 150 pounds and she decided to do soccer and she lost 50 pounds in 3 weeks-2 months.

  • ok for one. you dont want to see your bones period. no guy likes that at all! but being toned thats a different story, work out eat healthy stay on the "job" dont go so down the on the weight. be healthy not close to death ok?

  • And who told you that looking like a starved underfed girl is attractive to anyone? Because no one but you think it looks good.

  • see ur bones? thats easy, can be done today. get a knife cut few inches off ur arm and there it is...ur bone

  • Don't try to see your bones. It's unattractive, and unhealthy.

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