I want to do mounted games with my pony but…?

?... I dont have the equipment, I really don't want to buy it as all the places i have seen are way too expensive, and alot of people say its just as easy to make it your self. I would like to know what i can use (or buy if cheap) to get me started in games, and how to put the stuff together.Races:- The five flag, ball and bucket, bending race, mug shuffle, stepping stones. P.s It needs to be things i can use in a school like self stand bending poles rather than stick in ground bending poles as it is nearly winter the grass will be soggy.

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  • Games equipment is easy to make yourself, and pretty cheap. If you download the U. S. Pony Clubs Games rulebook from www.ponyclub.org, there are instructions on how to make some of the equipment in the back of the rulebook. As the coach of our club's team, last year I made some bending poles (bases double as stepping stones), a sword, flags, and accumulated stuff for many other games.

    Five Flag: You need a traffic cone, which you'll cut the top off of. Opening should be 4". Get five 1/2" x 3' dowels from the hardware store, and attach a square of fabric to the tops. You can also play 2-flag with this equipment.

    Ball and Bucket: All you really need here are some tennis balls and a bucket. Same game as Old Sock except replace the balls with socks.

    Bending: Instructions for bending poles are in the rulebook. Get 5 empty paint cans (get 6 so you can make a set of stepping stones at the same time). Buy 5 1" pvc pipes and one 1.25" pvc pipe. Cut the 1.25" pipe into sections 7" long (or as high as the paint cans). Set the short pipe in the center of the paint can, and fill around it with concrete. Once dry, you can just slip the 1" poles in the larger poles. Remove them, turn the cans upside down, and you've got stepping stones.

    Mug Shuffle: Use 4 of your bending poles (above) and get 4 mugs. Those free plastic cups from restaurant kids meals work well for practice, too.

    Stepping stones: Use the bases of your bending poles (above). Place them 18" apart on a board if the ground is uneven. Mark the locations on the board so they're easier to place the next time. While you're at it, cut notches in the edge of the board so you can use it for the balloon race.

    You might also want to get a trash can or two in the regulation height range, since they are used in several races (bottle, housewife's scurry, toolbox, pyramid, and more).

  • Mounted Games Equipment

  • As Sazzy says, use bamboo poles - or Hazel sticks cut from a local wood, inserted in traffic cones. If you call your local council then they might have some that have been damaged they will give you. Ask the milkman for old crates for stepping stones although these are bigger than used in games.

    The art of being a good games player is hand eye co-ordination and being able to vault on and off at speed. If you watch the Price Phillip Cup on Youtube you will see in games where the rider has to dismount they do so very early on and run leading the pony.

    Watch how these ponies and riders do it and you will learn a lot.

  • For things like bending poles, get a hold of some bamboo canes and put them in some cheepy cones to stand them up.

    Stepping stones you can make with old crates

    ball and bucket your average tennis ball and cheapy bucket from a local DIY will be fine

    And it's not difficult to make little flags with again bamboo canes or similar with some cloth on the end.

  • For step on stones you could use buckets turned upside down! i don't really know anything else!


  • I live in the U.S else I would

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