I want to kill my dad so bad?

I have no idea why but i truly hate my dad, everything he does p*sses me off and i wish he would drop dead to the ground. i get incredibly strong urges to beat him to death or strangle him or something which scares me and i fantisize about it all the time

im going to therapy on tuesday, should i tell her this? will she lock me away? i dont wanna go to hospital.

no im legit not trolling, i swear on my life im actually not this is my backup account im a level 7 regular.

and my name is only a smiley face because i couldnt come up with anything else..

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  • When you go to therapy, your theʀᴀᴘιsт will probably ask you if you have thoughts of hurting yourself or others. I am a nurse and it's actually a question I have to ask each and every person that I admit to the hospital. It is really frightening to have thoughts of violence against someone, especially a parent. Thoughts can lead to action, and so I do think that therapy will help you understand why you are having these thoughts and how to deal with them. Most of the time these thoughts don't lead to violence, but why take a chance? Our parents can really make us angry, because as we mature our job is learning how to become an adult, and some parents harp, criticize, and nag, when what one really needs is respect and understanding. It is really hard to be a parent, let me tell you! There may be true reasons why you are hating your Dad. No one is perfect, even a parent. Hating, anger, urges to do violence can be re-channeled. I myself have had "bad thoughts" about people I was angry at and even fantasized what I would do if I saw my nasty neighbor's house on fire. Would I call the fire department or let it burn? I actually became so angry at this nasty guy, that it disturbed me and made me feel like I was a bad person for having bad thoughts. Lucky for me, I have another neighbor who is a psychiatric nurse. I phoned her and confessed my negative thoughts and she burst out laughing. She can't stand him either and she uses him as her "meditation" . She feels that if she is able to let go of her bad thoughts about him, it will help her in every area of her life. All through your life you will have people in your life that bring out the worst in you. It's a challenge to be able to let go of these negative feelings, but necessary to be happy. While we are experiencing anger, hatred, disgust, etc., we feel this way inside ourselves. There are ways to cope and let go of these emotions. I don't think you will be locked up. It may give you a sense of release to admit these thoughts to someone else. A theʀᴀᴘιsт will know how best to help you.

  • yesterday, my dad asked why I was making so much noise downstairs. I was suffering from a ladies health problem at the time. My mum told dad that I had to take something out. She was embarrassed as well as me. Then it turned into an argument and my dad called my mum a whore. He then pushed mum and I pushed him. I then called him a stupid bastard. mum then got the police on dad but they couldn't arrest him because it was 10:10 pm. From that day, I think of killing him and his family (excluding my paternal grandma who is a lonely widow).

  • I have the same problem. But my dad hits me. I usually go to the bathroom and think how i will kill him and get away from the cops. I have thought so far: Stab him in the face 5 times. Put drugs in his water. Stab him in the heart. Throw a chairs at him until he died. Stab him with a nail. Some how get a gun (im 13 Living in Australia) and shoot him. Put a bomb on his lawn mower (lol). And the rest where about stabbing.

  • You should tell her. This is an anger problem and can be treated. You still might never like your dad but at least you can try to solve your problems. I hate my dad with a burning passion as well. As I'm writing this he and my brother are playing video games in the room next to me and refuse to turn it down. It is midnight and I am sick and have a performance tomorrow, I went to get water and he was going to hit me for it but I got away. Maybe trying to find the source of your anger will help. I know that when I was about six I used to cry myself to sleep every night because of him. This is definitely the root of my problem.

  • Defiantly tell your theʀᴀᴘιsт, She will talk to you and discuss why he p****s you off. My Dad use to annoy me, but i didn't hate him, it's sad that you hate your dad and to say you want to kill him is Disgusting, I lost my Dad in April 2009 and i wish to god i was nicer to him he did a lot for me and was always there yet i treated him with no respect. You need to sort this out quick because you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow or the next day, Do you really deep down want your dad to die??? Unless he has done something bad to you I can't see why you would feel this way, unless you had a mental illness, you may need help so you must tell your theʀᴀᴘιsт.

    Good Luck

  • Being realistic, I don't think he's likely to change unless he wants to. You could recommend Alcoholics Anonymous to him (once), but it would be up to him to go. In the likely event that he won't, you and your mother can go, or to a similar group for relatives of addicts. You will be setting out on your own soon, if you haven't already. Learn from your father's mistakes. In that way, he will have passed on valuable wisdom to you. I can see you still love him, as he is still your Dad. Bad habits cannot change that. In the times when he is sober, you could try to record his stories and memories. I don't want to be morbid, but that's another way of preserving legacy.

  • You need some help with this >>> You need to tell the theʀᴀᴘιsт your feelings that you are having

    before you do something your going to be sorry for the rest of your life for

    Theʀᴀᴘιsт may request that you be hospitalized for a mental assessment

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  • no, you should tell the theʀᴀᴘιsт....people dont get commited to a hospital for having scary thoughts like that....as long as you dont actually get into any shenanegins with your dad, then im sure the theʀᴀᴘιsт can really help you out.....

  • O_O

    Go to therapy and well...it depends on your age. If you're more than 16 I think you should go by yourself or with a friend.

    And think about your past, maybe that's the reason ._.

    Wish you the best!

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