Ideas for a Engineering Fluid Mechanics project?

Hey everyone,

I am doing a fluid mechanics project with my lab partners (2nd year university, engineering), and was trying to think up some ideas.

It would preferably be something specialized (a process, method etc.) that is current, but any idea is good!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



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  • Why not design a deluge system for a hypothetical chemical reactor fire emergency? This system would ideally actuate at a temperature at which it is assumed that a fire is present, and the deluge system will open up flow through a network manifold of nozzles to extinguish the flame until the temperature goes down to a preset level, for a preset amount of time.

    You will need to design the following:

    Reservoir for deluge system with level control based on makeup water flow into the vessel

    Delivery pumps (at least one contingency pump, one electric, one steam-driven)

    Piping system to pumps, and to your reactor

    Piping manifold to cover adequate square footage around reactor

    Estimate the amount and duration of flow that will extinguish the fire (try to look up heat release from fire then base your quench water on that; doesn’t have to be perfect)

    Select the correct nozzles based on what flow you need and how much pressure you can deliver to the system by your pump

    Line out basic process control; temperature gets hot, actuates your pump and pump control valve, continues to read temperature even after it’s down, then after xxx minutes of say, below 72 degrees, it switches off

    You’ll start with a desired flow, then write out your Bernoulli balance, to size your pump, size your control valve, size your piping system, ect…

    You can probably just make up a flow based on some chemical fire.

    Good luck! This was a project that we had in my design course.

  • Fluid Mechanics Project Ideas

  • Hi

    you can design a water pump in a city pipeline , or measure the fluid flow between for example 3 tanks that have different height , or transferring fluid from one city to another city and so …

    hope that be helpful

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