if a baby temperature is 37.4 degree,does it means that he has a fever?

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  • (for others, 37.4 degrees Celsius = 99.32 degrees Fahrenheit)

    It probably means that your baby doesn’t have a fever. Normal body temperature can vary a little bit.

    (Also be aware that the average normal body temperature is slightly lower than 37.0 degrees Celsius)

    You may want to watch your baby’s temperature to make sure it goes no higher, but it is definitely not a fever.

    According to my source, a rule-of-thumb is that a body temperature of 38.0 degrees Celsius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) is considered a fever.

    “Doctors usually say a baby has a fever if her temperature rises about 1.5-2 degrees (Fahrenheit) above its normal value — which is typically 98.6 but can vary by a degree or so in either direction. Learn what your baby’s normal temperature is by taking it a few times when she is not sick.”

    I know my body temperature is normally around 98.0 degrees Fahrenheit (36.7 degrees Celsius). Body temperature may even rise simply due to a hot day.

    Hope your baby’s okay!

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    if a baby temperature is 37.4 degree,does it means that he has a fever?

  • As a grandmother of 4 and mother of 2, I thought that you could tell if a child had a fever by feeling their head, just would not be able to know what the temp was, but just to know if they had a temp. I took my 3 year old granddaughter to the doctor last week and told him that my granddaughters head felt warm, so I knew she had a temp but I did not know how high it was because she felt bad and was not in the mood to have the thermometer under her arm. The doctor told me that feeling a childs head was not necessarily an indicator of a fever, the thermometer is the only reliable indicator.

  • 37.4 Celsius To Fahrenheit

  • 37.4 Celcius To Farenheit

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    You can tell if a baby is warm by feeling there head, but the only way to accurately tell if a baby has a fever is by using a thermometer.

  • NO. The normal temperature of the temperature is 36.5-.37.5.

    The temperature varies depending on the location it has been taken. The various locations are ear(tympanic), rectum, axilla(armpit) and beneath the tongue. The most sensitive areas are the ear and tongue. If you need to measure the temperature of the ear, you will need a special kind. This type has a ray that enters and detects the temperature. If your child is too young, take caution when using the oral thermometer(beneath tongue). There is a risk of the child biting the thermometer and breaking it.

  • absolutely yes…. your daughter has a fever, above 37 temperature is a sign of having a fever

  • 37.4 degrees F? you better thaw that little sucker out…..

  • yes your baby has a fever.fever is starting from 3.7 degree.give him medical treatment.


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