If Australia is the land down under then what is New Zealand?

22 Answers

  • If you are in Australia, it's know as the land across the ditch. (The ditch being the relatively small body of water between the two countries.)

  • New Zealand Down Under

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    Next door to the Land Down Under. Or if you wanna get technical, "Land of the long white cloud."

  • Aotearoa. Roughly translated "The Land of the Long White Cloud".

  • new zealand is a couple of decent sized islands not far from the land down under.

    australia and new zealand are collectively known sometimes as "the antipodes"

  • Land way down under

  • The land next door to the land down under.

  • GODZONE New Zealand is also known in nz as godzone. This land in so beautiful and scenic that they say god lives here:)

  • The land Over Yonder.

  • I think it is the land of the Long white Cloud

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