If Im black belt in karate, do i need a licence?

If Im black belt in karate, do i need licence or certification, to teach like a personal trainer, or group instructor, or teach kickboxing or something like that, by my own or not...

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  • You can teach some half-baked crap to some people if you can find people to listen to you.

    Your best bet if you wish to teach is to carry on learning until you are allowed by your organization to teach. Sensei is a title that means roughly "instructor" (one who has gone before), usually awarded at around sandan like Johnathan said.

    Your instructor can tell you more about your organization, and how they award belts and teaching credentials.

  • Karate Licence

  • Just because you are a black belt does not mean you have mastered anything or have the proficiency in skill to teach anything.

    By about 3rd Dan, Sandan, or 3rd Degree, you may be conferred a Shidoin license which essentially is your first "teaching" permit. This is because, by Sandan, you have a mature grasp of the basics, you understand the intricate details, and you are starting to put the puzzle pieces into place with regards to the principles of the art.

    By the time you reach Shihan, generally 5th or 6th Dan, you are considered a qualified teacher.

  • There are too many underage black belts. in reality there are too many with black belts that have not earned the rank. based of the style it grew to become into no longer appropriate to have the capability to earn a black belt except you have been at a minimum of sixteen. In some style you had to be a minimum of 18. I coach shorin ryu and in accordance to the headquarters in Japan no you possibly can earn a black belt decrease than sixteen. Even then that's uncommon. In our dojo despite the fact that it the headquarters enables you to earn one at sixteen we don't enable absolutely everyone to earn one decrease than 18. that should must be an staggering student to get one earlier 21. One poster pronounced if he did no longer waste time in karate he could have been a black belt in judo and tkd by way of the age of 14. that may not real. In judo you need to be a minimum of sixteen to earn a black belt. as quickly as you have a black belt you at the instant are not any further a junior. you ought to compete interior the person branch. additionally, having a black belt would not make you a grasp. Too many black belts and underage black belts make us as martial artist seem undesirable. the oftentimes used desires stay extreme. whether that's low the oftentimes used could desire to be raised back up.

  • Everybody only addressed the ethical perspective when to teach and what is politically correct in an organization when teaching martial arts but that really has nothing to do with what you can do legally.

    Legally you don't need a license or permission from anybody to teach martial arts. There are no legal regulations when and even what to teach or even how much you have to know before you can teach in martial arts. All martial arts associations are political entities that govern themselves and they all have their own rules and standards. You don't need to belong to any of them if you don't want to in order to teach. In some states you will need a business license to run a school so they can charge you extra taxes so you need to check where you are planning to teach.

    Out of courtesy and respect you probably should check with your teacher or the school where you earned your black belt and get their input. It helps if you have the blessings of your teacher and having good relations with your teacher's school.

  • If you charge for teaching then you need a business license. You at 1st degree black belt are not even close to being qualified to be teaching on your own. At best you have learned the basics of your style. you have not mastered them and you do not have the deep understanding of what you do necessary to teach others. At best if you teach you will only be teaching moves to others that don't know if they are doing them correctly and you don't either. Sorry to be so blunt, but these are the facts.


  • Generally speaking no you don't. but some cities require you have a buissness licence to open up shop in their city. and you don't need a black belt to teach. and as far as i'm aware there is no such thing as a martial art teaching licence. although you do need permission from the oginaization type you are teaching. like tae kwon do you need permission from S.T.O. to teach shang hawl style.

  • Nope. And you don't have to teach anything unless you want to.

  • no license required

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