If my driver’s license is expired can I still buy alcohol?

I'm 31 but they still ask me for ID sometimes. My license expired on June 2nd and I haven't had the chance to renew it. I don't have a car right now anyway. So I was wondering...is it still a valid ID for non-driving stuff?

I look young lol

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  • If it's expired, it is no longer a valid form of I.D. You need to either renew it or apply for a state issued identification card. If you have a passport, you can use that. Otherwise, you're out of luck. If it recently expired some places may cut you some slack, but legally, they don't have to.

  • There is no law on the books that states you have to have a valid ID to order or be served alcohol (at least in the state of California). However, you do have to be over the age of 21. So you may be refused on the judgment call of a business or the server if they do not believe you to be of age and you cannot prove it, but otherwise there is nothing legally wrong for a 40 year old to drink with an expired or even no ID.

  • No, you need a VALID ID to buy alcohol. An expired one is NOT GOOD enough.

    That said, you'll probably get it to work. Especially if you go somewhere that you know a clerk.

    A kid I know has an older friend that looks very similar. He got the older kid's expired license. It isn't fake, but it's not valid. He says he's used it to buy before, and I wouldn't doubt it -- looks legit and they're similar looking. That is probably why a valid ID is required -- not many would report their ID lost to pay to get a second one to give to a minor friend.

  • Buy Alcohol Still

  • Once it's expired it's not considered a "valid ID" so it's just up to the business.

  • NO You cannot. You can cost that clerk their job! Shouldn't even be driving with an expired license.

  • Most cashiers check your date of birth, not the expiration date of the license, unless you get a stickler for dates as a cashier you should be fine. Just try it, you won't get thrown in jail...

  • I would assume so because you were old enough to purchase it before it expired. It wasn't like you were on the 20/21 year bubble

  • I don't think they have the time or the desire to check whether or not your DL is expired. I wouldn't worry about it. If for some reason one liquor store did notices, I'm sure the next one you tried wouldn't.

  • Do you really need to show your DL to buy alcohol at age 31?

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