If Teresa’s daughter is my daughters mother, what am I to Teresa? A. Granddaughter B. Mother C. Daughter D. Grandmother E. I am Teresa?

9 Answers

  • You are Teresa's daughter.

    Cause your daughter's mother is you and since you say she is also Teresa's daughter it proves that you are Teresa's daughter.

  • You are the person asking the question , If Teresa's daughter (you ) is my (you) daughters mother what am I (you ) to Teresa ?

    C daughter

  • Here are the facts. Theresa has a daughter who is the mother of my daughter. That make me Theresa because my daughter can't have 2 mothers. Thank you. Glad I could clear this up.

  • Obama.

  • daughter or son-in-law

  • e

  • You are her

  • D

  • E

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