If you CC someone can they see the entire conversation or just that one email?

I had a conversation already started and I had to CC it to someone midway, does that mean they see the whole conversation or just that one email that they are CCed to?

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  • Hey Ericka! It can depend on how the e-mail is formatted, but in the vast majority of cases, a person who is CCed into a conversation will be able to see the prior conversations on that same e-mail chain. For example, if you and the original recipient have exchanged multiple messages using the same e-mail (just clicking reply each time), when you add a third person in through CC, they will see the past conversation history. Hope this helps!

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  • The person "carbon copied" (or CC'd) on a conversation sees all the messages that were included in the conversation up to when that person was added to the mail recipients, provided no one has gone back and trimmed down or erased any past messages.

    If you are CC'ing someone in the middle of an email conversation, it's usually good etiquette to "fill them in" on the back story so far. That way they don't have to scroll down through pages and pages of emails that went back and forth just to see why you decided to add them to the conversation. It's really annoying to get a CC on an email that just says a one liner to me "Steve, what do you think of this?" and then I have to waste time figuring out what "this" was.

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