If you text a cell phone that is no longer in service?

Does the text come back as undeliverable or does it still go through? I texted someone today and im not sure if his phone is still in service I didnt get any kind of reply from him and the text was sent as successful does that mean his phone is still in service or does the text go through either way??

7 Answers

  • someone else could have the number,

    but usually it goes through, or it sends it back.

    You cant really tell unless you call.

  • well to tell if his phone in service or not try calling it because i have sent texts to a friend phone that wasnt in service anymore and didnt get a message back

  • when my phone lost service all my friends that sent me txts got txts back saying this phone is out of service or something to that effect. its most likely in service still 🙂

  • if the sim is inserted to her his phone and the phone is turned on and if the signal is high on where he she or he stays ur sms will be deliverd ... otherwise if the phone got no signal or low signal the sender will get a messege saying unable to send or similer same if the phone is switched off ...

  • you will get a message saying you've sent it to an invalid number.

  • yes, undelivered text automatically come back.

  • undelivered

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