I’m a girl… But I have a very hairy stomach?

I'm a 15 year old girl and my stomach is very hairy. I have blonde hair so it's not as noticible. But when I'm in the sunshine it shows a lot. And i'm not talking happy trail hairy, just hair everywhere. I'm a little....chubby so it draws a lot of unneeded attention ot my stomach. I also have a very hairy face. What can I do, besides shaving my stomach, to help get rid of the hair?

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  • Nair? there's nair for cheeks and the upper-lip 🙂 just follow the intructions so it wont turn super red. but just to be safe test it out on your wrist and then wash it off and wait 24 hours to see how your body reacts. (do it first cuz what if you apply it to your face and it gets super red!)

    and for the stomach i think waxing is the best choice, other than laser remover (very expensive)

  • Please don't start shaving anything other than your legs and underarms, Carley! Once you start, you will have to continue it forever, and the hair comes in thicker and darker.

    Have you tried waxing? There are kits at the drugstore for waxing one's legs, bikini area, and specific ones for the face. It is probably your best choice, but you could use a cream depilatory made for the same thing. Often it is messy and it cause skin irritation from the harsh chemicals.

    If you feel that you have more hair on your body than is normal, you could ask your doctor to check the levels of estrogen and testosterone in your blood. Although testosterone is widely considered a "male hormone", it is also produced in females. An excessive level of this hormone can cause hirsutism, which is the medical term for excess hair.

    In all likelihood, no one would ever notice that you have excessive hair, especially if it's blonde. We girls are so critical of our bodies and we become obsessed with little things that we perceive others can see that in reality nobody ever notices.

    Good luck, Sweetie! I am sure that you are FABULOUS anyway! Thanks for the opportunity to answer your question.

  • Waxing. Shaving won't solve your problem the best way because it still leave the roots of the hairs left. Plus, they'll grow back longer and darker than before, and this applies with waxing too. However, with waxing, I've never done it, but it removes the hair completely, root and all, so it takes longer to grow back, and eventually bit by bit may not grow back or much at all 🙂 Takes time though, but if you want to remove that little problem with long term effects I'd go with waxing, because shaving will only remove it for a day or two before you have to shave again.

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    BLEACH BLEACH BLEACH!! i'm 16 - i have the same problem and i HATE it shaving was not a good idea for me, just because my hair came in thicker than it was before, leaving me more frustrated than i had been before i tried to eradicate the nasty little hairs! now i bleach it whenever i need to, and it ends up being a lot less work than shaving (or so i would imagine). you can purchase bleach at your local beauty store, and if you don't know what to look for you can ask the salesperson there - make sure you get the right stuff 🙂 hope this helps!

  • i had the same problem up until a week ago! i had hair on my upper lip, my back, and my stomach! it just wouldn't go away! but i tried using nair, and omg it is amazing! it takes off pretty much all the hairr. you should try it! its really cheap at walmart and i promise it actually workss

  • You may have a hormonal imbalance in which case you would need to talk to your doctor. Birth control pills often help

  • calll me in three years.

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